What Deion Sanders must do for Colorado football after one year

Rapper Master P posed for photos while sporting a Colorado hoodie underneath his sport jacket and shades.

Denver Broncos running back and former MVP Terrell Davis was mingling with other prominent former athletes.

The man behind all the Buffaloes excitement, Colorado coach Deion Sanders, did his pregame lap around the field escorted by private security, law enforcement, and his son, Deion Jr., who was filming his father with a camcorder to record Year 1 under Coach Prime.

Celebrities, cameras, and a tangible sense of excitement were all present on Colorado's sideline before to a game against Oregon State on November 4, but the atmosphere had altered overall.

Colorado's fortunes had changed after it had taken the collegiate football world by storm with a 3-0 start. The group had suffered five losses. 

Many coaches, including Sean Lewis, the acclaimed offensive coordinator at CU, were taken aback by Sanders' decision to swap offensive playcallers. 

The team's weaknesses in terms of personnel, which had been concealed by exceptional individual performances and, coincidentally, an unimpressive first schedule, were exposed.

Colorado would fall to Oregon State 26–19 in a game marred by strange coaching choices and subpar offensive line play.

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