Twelve/7 Pittsburgh Steelers Postgame Quotes

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin makes opening statement:

Coach Mike Tomlin remarked, "A lot to work on, but the significant difference is they got seven points off their turnover on the short field; we got zero." 

"So that's the game difference. Turnover and your ability to support each other on the opposite side or inability usually determine the game's outcome. That's disappointing.

For health reasons, Alex Highsmith couldn't return. An injury to the neck. Next time we meet, I'll have more info.

Applaud them. We failed to make the crucial plays. We battled in the second half, but the turnover cost us points.

Fourth and two call—what happened and was it the main call?

It was. We went down. Playing to win. Being aggressive was our goal. Our efforts failed.

Received an explanation. It was explained, but I don't agree.

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