Tom Brady Picks Ideal Receivers for Hypothetical Pro Bowl for Age

With his second retirement in February, Tom Brady put an end to his Hall of Fame NFL career, but he has hinted at a possible comeback. 

After hearing Chad Ochocinco's proposal for a "Current vs. Past" Pro Bowl game on ESPN's ManningCast on Monday night, the seven-time Super Bowl champion realized that Brady likely already had some ideas for roster construction.

Brady tweeted the video from ManningCast again, asking, "With today's rules? Give me Randy and Chad outside, and we'll put up 35 the following week."

Brady would have selected Ochocinco and former Pats teammate Randy Moss as his go-to wide receivers in a fictitious Pro Bowl akin to flag football and featuring some of the greatest players in league history. Imagine the offensive potential of that lineup.

Brady has largely avoided the spotlight since hanging up his cleats in February 2023 and has stated time and time again that he is not coming out of retirement. 

Both of Brady's previous clubs, the Patriots and the Buccaneers, have suffered without him. 

After 13 weeks, Tampa Bay is leading the unimpressive NFC South with a 5–7 record, while New England, nearly three years after their Brady-fueled Super Bowl victory, is languishing at the bottom of the AFC East with a 2–10 record.

The most logical setting for the Pats great to return to the field seems to be a low-stakes, entertaining football contest like the Pro Bowl.

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