Tom Brady Criticizes Patrick Mahomes: Learning Needed

but there seems to be some confusion or misinformation in the details provided about Tom Brady's podcast and the critique 

Patrick Mahomes during a game against the Green Bay Packers. As of my last update in January 2022,  

I don't have any information about such an episode or commentary from Tom Brady 

criticizing Mahomes for his handling of a specific situation in a game. 

Tom Brady, a former NFL quarterback, indeed hosts a podcast called "Let's Go!" where he discusses various aspects of football,  

shares insights, and interviews guests. However, any recent comments Brady made critiquing Mahomes'  

handling of a situation during a game against the Packers aren't within the information I have.

It's important to verify the accuracy of such statements or episodes, as developments in podcasts, interviews, or comments made by athletes or public figures might occur after my last update 

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