Tiger Woods Expresses His PGA Tour Thoughts After Losing Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm's decision to join the LIV Golf league has shocked the golf industry, particularly the PGA Tour. It didn't take Tiger Woods long to express his feelings. 

Taking to X, Woods issued a lengthy statement signed by The Player Directors, stating that they will continue to represent the PGA Tour and "the best interests of the sport."

That message was issued on December 1, just a few days before Rahm was announced as joining LIV Golf.

"The Player Directors are united and all working together to represent the PGA Tour, the entire player membership, and best interests of the sport," Woods said in a statement.

Fans, however, aren't as sure as Woods that Rahm's departure will harm the game."A PGA monopoly is not in the best interests of the sport."

You and Rory can fight the LIV as hard as you like, creating your own version, nerfing golf balls... whatever you wish. The truth is that your leadership is out of touch with reality; the PGA Tour requires a true leader," one user responded.

"I've been saying for two years that it's Jay Monahan's fault, and he needs to resign now." He placed PGA Tour players against liv Tour players without comprehending the issue or the players' friendship. "He blew it," said another.

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