The More We Hear About Brian Flores, the Smarter the Miami Dolphins’ Decision To Fire Him Look

Thursday was possibly the best day of Miami Dolphins lineman Austin Jackson's career.

The team that selected him 18th in the 2020 NFL Draft rewarded him for four years of hard work and growth with a three-year contract for up to $39 million.

 Jackson has earned every penny of his contract. He's a top-tier right tackle for the first time in his career, and the Dolphins can't afford to lose him.

t's a fantastic — and nearly unbelievable — story, especially considering what prominent (now-departed) individuals of the company not only thought about him,

but also said about him in front of his colleagues. While Jackson and Tua Tagovailoa did not name names,

 it doesn't take much digging to figure out who they were referring to when discussing input the team's previous coaching staff gave the relatively young offensive tackle.

"I just smile because of where he's come from early on when we got here together," Tagovailoa remarked on Thursday.

 There have been a lot of things spoken about him in front of team meetings, you know, and in the media and stuff like tha

When pressed to explain that he meant the previous coaching staff, led by the intense Brian Flores, Tagovailoa responded:

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