Olivia Dunne Shares $600 Million Link to Philippines, Celebrates Paris Olympics 2024 Advance

In addition to winning her eighth championship medal, Team USA has excelled in the 2023 campaign.

Nonetheless, athletics is not just about triumphs—it's also about failures. In the process of winning, USA Gymnastics has made a number of mistakes. 

The events of selection camp in Texas marked the beginning of the team's significant defeat. 

With the loss of three excellent gymnasts—Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Aleah Finnegan, and most recently, Emma Malabuyo—Team USA is struggling. 

Recently, each of the three decided to represent the Philippines.Of the three, Finnegan, an LSU alumnus and native of the USA, shines. 

Notwithstanding their transfer to the Philippines squad, the esteemed university, which has a history of turning out sports icons like Shaquille O'Neil and Olivia Dunne, honors its LSU athletes. 

Finnegan keeps improving her talents in spite of the shift. 

Olivia recently posted an Instagram picture that stunned viewers with the beauty of America and marked a new milestone in Finnegan's gymnastics career.

Olivia Dunne, LSU Gymnast, 2023 SI Swim Model Pose in Black Sparkly Dress