Olivia Dunne sets the record straight for fans who want to see her practice.

Louisiana's Baton Rouge Attend LSU gymnastics meets to witness Olivia Dunne in action! 

Dunne is the most sought-after collegiate student-athlete with the highest social media followers among her pairings. 

However, the brilliant gymnast discourages observing her training. 

Dunne told supporters "there's no way [they're] getting tickets to that show. 

in a viral footage. While she enjoys their enthusiasm, they must attend her competitions to see her perform. 

"LSU could sell out the football stadium for you to do a routine," said a fan. 

They're undoubtedly right—a tiny fraction of Livvy's roughly 8 million TikTok followers could fill most sports arenas. 

People follow Dunne virtually everywhere she goes because they can't wait to see what she does next.  

a very small percentage of Livvy's over 8 million total followers on TikTok would be sufficient to fill the majority of the sports facilities around the country. 

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