Olivia Dunne handled security at the LSU meets: Why is security required?

Olivia Dunne, a popular gymnast at Louisiana State University, will be safeguarded by security staff at 2024 meets following an incident last season that made her fear for her safety. 

When the Louisiana Tigers came to see Dunne at the meet in Utah in January 2023, some of her admirers were a touch too ardent for her liking, and she had to remind them to be respectful. 

"There's literally a line outside the Huntsman Center of teenage boys asking if Livvy is coming out," said Josh Furlong, a Utah-based writer.

I've never seen anything like this." As an added precaution, the group will be given a security guard.

"As an added precaution, the group will be supplied with a security guard for their own safety for the future season, as they expect at least the same amount of'support' as her fame grows. 

"We haven't competed since last season, so we'll see what this season holds," she said in an interview with People. 

"But after the incident in Utah that happened last year, we now have a security guard that travels with the LSU gymnastics team.

Kathy Johnson Clarke, an ex-Olympic gymnast who met her 'fans,' told Sports Illustrated that they were "rude 

disrespectful" to OutKick, that Dunne no longer attends in-person lessons out of concern for her own health. 

 Despite her anxieties, she does not want to stop being herself.

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