NFL To Reportedly Vote On Major Expansion Of International Schedule

Every year, the National Football League (NFL) plays games in a variety of countries across the world.

During the current season, the league has played games in two different cities in Europe: London, England, and Frankfurt, Germany.

 It is possible that the league is planning to go to further cities in European countries.Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal reports that the owners of the league are going to vote on a measure 

that has the potential to add up to four additional games to the series of international matches that are played each season.

Previous matches of the league have been played in Mexico and Canada; if the new legislation is adopted, it is possible that these locations will be reinstated, in addition to the possibility of new matches being played in Brazil or Spain.

Only a few days have passed since Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated that he anticipated the league having a stronger global footprint. The news comes shortly after that statement.

Goodell expressed his excitement about the addition of new international markets by saying, "We're really excited about that." 

"I don't see that as much as expanding the number of franchises as I do expanding the opportunity for people to really just enjoy the game," the speaker said.

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