NFL screws Cowboys with pro-Eagles referee assignment for SNF

The Dallas Cowboys are a -3.5 favorite over the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday night's game. All things considered, that's a reasonable figure.

On paper, these rosters are evenly matched, and the Cowboys were inches away from forcing OT, if not winning in regulation, in Week 9.Late in the fourth quarter,

replay revealed that Prescott stepped out of bounds on his two-point conversion rush after his touchdown pass to Jalbert Tolbert had pulled Dallas within five points. 

The Cowboys would have tied the game if Prescott had maintained his foot in bounds on the last possession.

While the refs got that call right, they missed a number of others throughout the game. 

Unfortunately, Cowboys supporters should brace themselves for another refereeing disaster on Sunday, as the NFL has chosen the divisive John Hussey to call the game.

When Hussey is in charge, the Eagles are an unfathomable 7-0. This includes the Eagles' 26-17 triumph over Dallas on Monday Night Football and their 31-7 victory over the 49ers in last year's NFC Championship Game.

When Hussey calls the Eagles' games, it's no surprise they're unbeaten. When a side has a 3:1 (almost 4:1!) penalty advantage, they should win the game more often than not. Those are nauseating statistics.

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