NFL Network Reporter Jane Slater Asking For Prayer

On Thursday evening, a reporter on the NFL Network named Jane Slater presented some heartbreaking information.

Just a few months ago, it appeared as though her mother, who had been battling cancer, was making progress in her treatment.

The devastating news that the disease has returned was delivered to the family, which was filled with regret.

Tonight, Slater posted a message on social media in which he stated, "Nearly two months returned with a vengeance."

This week, we learned that the cancer had spread to her brain and pancreatic, which is a devastating piece of information. 

We are hoping that we will be able to fit in another Christmas, which is her favorite holiday.According to Slater, the family is "looking at three months" left with her mother living with them.

"We’re looking at 3 months here (optimistic) but she’s deteriorating," according to her. 

Will accept all of your prayers that some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with the end of life are bearable and that her steadfastness affords her some measure of consolation.

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