Najee Harris or Ezekiel Elliott: Who should I start in TNF Week 14 Fantasy Football

Ezekiel Elliott and Najee Harris are two of the more resilient running backs from the past several seasons. Following his 2021 arrival to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Harris has not missed a single game. 

Elliott, meanwhile, participated in at least 15 games during the 2018–2022 regular season.

The NFL season of 2023 will see them face off in a Thursday Night Football match in Week 14. Considering the impending fantasy football playoffs, which is the best choice to score more points this week?

Najee Harris has 159 carries for 661 yards and four touchdowns as of Week 13. That being said, his output has increased lately, particularly after Kenny Pickett's injury. 

The former Alabama standout is now the center of attention for the ground-heavy Pittsburgh Steelers attack.

Against the Green Bay Packers in their Week 10 match, Harris amassed 82 running yards and a score. He scored and gained 99 yards against the Cincinnati Bengals two weeks later.

In their defeat against the Arizona Cardinals, he responded with 63 yards gained by rushing and two 14-yard receptions.

He's playing in a terrific groove, which makes him a viable fantasy option for Week 14. His performance might also be enhanced by playing at home against the New England Patriots as they contend for an AFC playoff berth.

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