Money 'clouds love and enthusiasm' for football, according to Deion Sanders, who acknowledges he's not 'made' to coach in the NFL.

Deion Sanders and his Colorado team have had a difficult few weeks, but there's no denying that he brought the Buffaloes back to prominence.

Following his two consecutive SWAC championship game victories with Jackson State, he left for Colorado last year, leaving many to question his potential.

He started the season 3-0 by defeating TCU, a team that participated in the national title the previous year, on the road.

Although Colorado's four wins are far greater than their lone victory from previous season

they have lost five of their last six games, so the enchantment has faded a little.

Although Sanders claims to have accomplished a number of his coaching objectives, he maintains joining the NFL is not one of them.

He even acknowledged, in an interview with Dan Patrick, that he doesn't think he would be a successful professional coach.

Sanders seems to imply that coaching athletes who don't make a lot of money is simpler.

I have such a great deal of appreciation and respect for the game because of everything it has done for me over the years

 so when I see someone collecting millions of dollars and not wanting to win and go above and beyond in the game, it breaks my heart.

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