Lions Predicted to Sign ‘Mountain’ Defensive Lineman to Active Roster

It seems the Detroit Lions are facing a challenging situation with Alim McNeill's injury, leaving a gap in their defensive line. 

To compensate for his absence, the team is considering signing a practice squad standout, presumably a player with promising potential to fill in McNeill's shoes. 

This move to elevate a player from the practice squad, specifically Bohanna, demonstrates the team's growing trust in his abilities.  

e's seen significant playing time in the last few games and has apparently impressed 

the coaching staff enough to be considered for a more permanent role on the active roster. 

However, this decision also comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of roster management.  

With the team reaching the maximum number of practice squad elevations, signing Bohanna  

to the active roster would necessitate removing another player to create space. According to speculation 

Steven Gilmore or Chase Lucas could be potential candidates to make way for Bohanna's elevation. 

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