Kaari, Ja Morant's 4-year-old daughter, trash talks with her mom in a comical video.

Talking on social media is one thing. To support it with your conduct is a different matter entirely.

No, we're not referring about the disgraced point guard Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies.

We are referring to his trash-talking daughter Kaari, who gained notoriety after playing up to the camera while scoring a basket on her mother.

Fans of Kaari Dixon's mother, KK Dixon, couldn't get enough of the humorous video that she shared on TikTok. It was reposted by multiple prominent outlets.

At the beginning of the video, the 4-year-old hooper carves out a personal time for the viewers. 

Kaari says, "I got this, y'all," then insults her mother and ends the sentence with a firm thumbs down.

Dixon jokingly said, "I know she did not just say my mom is poo," in the video's caption.

After making a controversial basket, Kaari returned to flex in front of the camera, yelling, "You see what I got!" in a Morant-esque manner.

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