Jets' $24M Starter on IR, Career in NY Likely Over

It appears there might be some confusion in the information provided. As of my last update in January 2022,  

there were no reports or developments regarding CJ Uzomah's placement on injured reserve with the New York Jets,  

financial considerations linked to his contract, or discussions about the potential end of his tenure with the team. 

Injuries and roster decisions often occur during an NFL season, and developments can transpire after my last update. 

It's essential to verify the accuracy of recent news or announcements, especially regarding player injuries,  

roster moves, or contractual situations, as they might not be within the scope of my last available information. 

For the most accurate and updated information about CJ Uzomah's status with the New York Jets, 

any potential injury news, roster changes, or discussions about his contract and future with the team,  

I recommend checking official team announcements, reputable sports news sources, or the team's social media platforms for the latest updates. 

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