Jay Wright Forecasts Rick Pitino's Future At St. John's

Over the course of the past few years, the basketball team at St. John's has not been considered nationally prominent

 however, a previous coach who won a national championship feels that this is about to change.

In the course of his commentary on the victory of St. John's over Sacred Heart on Wednesday evening,

former Villanova head coach Jay Wright expressed his belief that the new head coach,

Rick Pitino, possesses the capability to turn around the overall program."

When they get it going here, and Rick will, there's nothing like doing it in New York City,

they love the Johnnies in New York like nothing else," Wright said regarding Pitino at St. John's.

"They love the Johnnies in New York like absolutely nothing else."It is a wonderful town for college basketball, and the Johnnies are the basketball team that they play for.

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