Ja Morant Returns From Suspension

Ja Morant confirmed his return date under comment.

Every Memphis Grizzlies fan has been wondering, "When is Ja Morant coming back?" all season.

That may have been spoiled by Ja Morant.

Instagram user "shotbynie" posted a Ja Morant hype video with December 21st scribbled on it. 

 Fan excitement regarding a December 21st Ja Morant homecoming was the goal. 

Morant subsequently commented on the video and updated the date to "dec 19."

Ja Morant might return from suspension on December 19. Whether Morant returned on that date or if it was a benchmark was unknown. 

His comment suggests that will be his return date, unless the Grizzlies' staff disagrees.

The Grizzlies need Ja Morant back. Injury has plagued the club all season, even without Ja.

The club that survived without Ja Morant is currently 5-14 without him.

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