Grizzlies player Ja Morant was served with a subpoena to appear in court for a civil suit linked to a fight with a teenager.

The lawyers for Morant want the case to be thrown out.

A subpoena has been sent to the Memphis Grizzlies star to appear in a civil case about an alleged assault on a teenager at his home during a pickup basketball game in 2022. 

ESPN got court records that show Morant's parents and his close friend Davonte Pack have also been given subpoenas. 

The Grizzlies wouldn't say anything. 

Shelby County, TN, will hold its first meeting on Dec. 11.

That's when Morant's lawyers will try to get the case thrown out by saying that Morant was acting in self-defense. 

They will go on until at least December 13 and maybe even for a whole week. 

It would start in April 2024 if the case does go to court.

Back in July 2022, Joshua Holloway, who was 17 years old at the time, hit Morant in the chin with a basketball while he was running a pickup basketball game. 

The game got violent. After the fight, Holloway said that Morant and Pack attacked him and kept hitting him while he was on the ground, which gave him a knot in his head. 

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