Gracie Gold and 2018 Olympians Fight Reporter Who Says Figure Skating Is 'Not a Sport'

Olympic figure skaters are angry after a local sports anchor said that figure skating is not a sport.

On Friday, Fox-4 Dallas' weekend sports anchor and reporter Edward Egros got into trouble after responding to a fan on Twitter who remarked, "Look, if you need to pick a song as part of your sport, I'm not going to respect your sport." "I admire your work."

"THANK YOU!" Egros penned a letter. "I have the highest regard for figure skaters; only a few people in the universe are capable of doing it, and they deserve my admiration." However, it is not a sport."

He went on to say that other sports, such as snowboarding, moguls, and speedskating, have "quantifiable metrics that determine a winner," whereas "figure skating is too subjective to have such things, so it's an art form, not a sport."

"All of the choreography during jumps, when to do said jumps rhythmically, that's subjective and too easily swayed by judge bias," he stated in the paper. "It is an art form, not a sport." There are art awards given out."

The United States Olympic figure skating team took notice quickly. "Your job is to report on sports. To you, figure skating is not a sport. "Stay focused on'real sports,'"

tweeted Vincent Zhou, a member of the men's United States Olympic Figure Skating team in Pyeongchang, South Korea, alongside Nathan Chen and Adam Rippon. "Do your job, and we'll do ours."

"You tell him Vincent," tweeted American pairs skater Chris Knierim, who is a two-time U.S. National champion and 2018 Olympic bronze winner in the team event with wife Alexa Scimeca Knierim.

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