A broad variety of responses have been provided by followers in response to Angel Reese's ambitious Instagram post. Some of the responses include "Your gpa is below 2.0" and "Female LeBron."16

Angel Reese, a superstar player for the LSU Tigers, received a variety of responses after he posted an inspirational post on Instagram from his perspective. All through the year, the 2023 NCAA champion has been generating headlines all over the place.  

Reese has been one of the names that has become a mainstay on social media. Both her on-court pyrotechnics and the sponsorship agreement she signed with Reebok have contributed to her rise to prominence. Her most recent post, on the other hand, did not garner her a large number of followers because she received some severe feedback.  

Earlier, Reese uploaded a picture to Instagram that showed her getting ready for a shot, and she captioned the picture with the following: Following an absence of four games, the forward for LSU basketball made his triumphant return to the court.  

She contributed significantly by scoring 19 points and grabbing nine rebounds during No. 7 LSU's amazing 82-64 victory against No. 9 Virginia Tech in November. This comes on the heels of her being sidelined for two weeks, during which she was unable to compete in a number of bouts. 

When speaking to the media after the game, she was candid about her beliefs on mental health: "My mental health comes first, and I'm going to make sure I'm OK before anything else because I don't want to cause any harm or cancer in the locker room." 

I'm back, I'm glad, I'm here, I'm moving forward, and I'm going to assist this squad get as far as it can." These remarks follow an apparent altercation between Reese's mother, Angel Web, and Reese. 

Reese got into a social media spat with Flau'jae Johnson's mother, Kia Brooks. Her low grades and grammatical faults on social media sparked a heated debate.  

Reese will continue to receive both bouquets and brickbats as she returns to court and exudes enormous confidence. Only time will tell how she handles the two in the coming days. 

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