Ex-Colorado Coach Has 'No Regrets' Working With Deion Sander

Following the conclusion of one season at Colorado, Sean Lewis moved on to become the head coach at San Diego State.

However, he claims that he does not have any regrets regarding his time spent in Boulder.

During the course of this season at Colorado, Lewis had a conversation with Jim Rome regarding his time spent working with Deion Sanders and everything that it included. 

The newly appointed head coach of the Aztecs has expressed his appreciation for the chance to work under a veteran of the sport of football.

"We wouldn't be talking today if I hadn't made that leap of faith and made that move," Lewis said to Rome in reference to his decision to join the Buffaloes.

"I have been a Midwest guy primarily for the majority of my career a little bit of time off in the northeast, but Coach [Prime] gave me a tremendous opportunity and I’m grateful for it to come west and to establish some ties out this way."

Prior to commencing his tenure at Colorado, Lewis served as the head coach at Kent State. 

With his assistance, the Flashes were able to achieve their first bowl victory in 2019, which came in the form of a triumph over Utah State in the Frisco Bowl.

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