Eagles Surprisingly Release Defender Days After Start in 49ers Lo

It seems there might be a mix-up or inaccurate information in the details provided. As of my last update in January 2022 

there was no information available regarding Shaquille Leonard joining the Philadelphia  

Eagles or any roster moves involving the release of linebacker Christian Elliss. 

It's important to note that my information might not cover developments that occurred after January 2022.  

If there have been recent updates or transactions in the NFL, particularly involving the Philadelphia Eagles or Shaquille Leonard, I wouldn't have that information. 

I'd recommend checking the latest news from credible sports sources or the Philadelphia Eagles' 

official announcements for the most accurate and updated information regarding roster moves, player acquisitions, 

or changes within the team. If you have any other questions or need information on a different topic, feel free to ask! 

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