Each Zodiac Sign Has A Pumpkin Treat That Matches Their Personality 

The dog days of summer have definitely arrived, which means that autumn is almost here and that pumpkin spice season is in full swing. It's no secret that the selection of pumpkin spice  

products can be rather overwhelming, ranging from PSLs and flavored beverages to exclusive candies available just for a certain period of time 

However, there is a method to determine which food is best for you, and it all comes down to your zodiac sign. 

Although it's difficult to envision a time when pumpkin spice wasn't associated with the fall season, the autumnal taste was merely a pie seasoning 

prior to Starbucks' 20-year PSL introduction. Two decades later, all snacks, treats, and desserts seem to have their own pumpkin spice variant. 

If you love fall, you probably don't mind that there are so many options available; in fact, you could even like it. However, 

whether you've never had pumpkin spice before or if you're in charge of dessert for Friendsgiving this year,  

You may not be able to decide which goodie to try first. Fortunately, in addition to a dessert, pasta dish, appetizer, and barbecue nibble that 

corresponds with your sign, there's also a pumpkin offering that will satisfy your palate throughout the entire season. 

Similar to cookies, aries prefer the more of everything. Because they always make the occasion sweeter, you can expect to find the fire sign munching on pumpkin cookies during the fall. 

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