NFL Fans Are Praying For Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahome

Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, had Chiefs fans holding their breath when he suffered an ankle injury during a game.  

It all happened late in the second quarter when a Bears defensive lineman rolled up on Mahomes from behind, colliding with his left ankle.  

This incident caused immediate concern among NFL fans, as Mahomes is a key figure for the Chiefs and one of the league’s most exciting players.  

Despite the injury, Mahomes displayed remarkable resilience and toughness by choosing to continue playing in the game.

However, it was evident that he was not at his best, as he was seen limping noticeably for the remainder of the first half. 

This raised concerns about the severity of the injury and whether it could affect his performance in the upcoming weeks. 

Many fans and commentators took to social media to express their worry and support for Mahomes 

Dov Kleiman, Ian Rapoport, Albert Breer, and others all noted the quarterback’s limping and the potential implications for the game. 

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