Deion Sanders wishes a problem he helped create hadn’t affected Colorado

It seems there might be some confusion or inaccuracies in the details provided about Deion Sanders 

coaching tenure and his involvement with the Colorado football program. 

Deion Sanders, a former Pro Football Hall of Famer, is indeed involved in coaching, but he is not associated with the Colorado football program.  

As of my last update in January 2022, Sanders was the head coach at Jackson State University,  

coaching their football team, the Jackson State Tigers, in the NCAA FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) level. 

Sanders has received attention and media coverage for his coaching career at Jackson State, where his team experienced successes 

However, any recent developments or specific incidents related to Sanders coaching the Colorado football program,  

the team's performances, or issues with the offensive and defensive lines mentioned in your statement aren't within the information I have. 

Regarding Sanders seeking attention through a documentary on Amazon or any commentary on Colorado's on-field struggles, 

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