Deion Sanders sets Guinness World Record at Colorado

On Sunday, Deion Sanders achieved a unique feat. At the CU Indoor Practice Facility in Boulder, the coach of the Colorado Buffaloes contributed to the setting of a Guinness World Record for the largest American football lesson.

Along with CU and UCHealth, Coach Prime organized the event, which drew in over 280 attendees. An observer with Guinness

World Records said that they easily beat the previous record, which was established at roughly 250 participants.

Among the few renowned CU alumni there was Sanders, along with Darian Hagan, who had been affiliated with the university for more than thirty years.

. Football drills were introduced for children aged 7 to 10, along with some Q&A for the parents. The record-breaking event's sights and noises were all taken in by the Hall of Famer.

The players from CU were rehearsing next to the building. Less than a day had passed since Folsom Field's defeat to No. 16 Oregon State. While a couple of them were present,

none took part in the activity. On Saturday, Colorado will host Arizona, ranked 23rd, for Senior Day. a kickoff at 2:00 PM ET, with Pac-12 Network coverage.

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