Deion Sanders, Colorado To Get New $15M Video Board at Folsom Field for 2024 Season

Colorado announced on Wednesday that a new video board will be installed at Folsom Field for the 2024 season.

According to athletic director Rick George, this is a critical update as the program seeks to maintain positive momentum ahead of its return to the Big 12.

The restoration is expected to cost roughly $15 million, and once completed, the new board will be 98 feet wider than its current length (32 feet).

This comes as Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders has brought an unprecedented degree of attention to the squad. Even at the height of the Bill McCartney era,

Colorado did not have this level of mainstream popularity. Even though the Buffaloes have lost five of their previous six games, a 4-5 record is a significant improvement than their 1-11 record in 2022.

Sanders is unlikely to win a national championship this year or likely next. He is, however, creating a firm basis.

Folsom Field will change alongside Colorado football as it continues to evolve. The Buffaloes,

thanks to Coach Prime, might rapidly find themselves in the center of the collegiate football arms race.

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