Cowboys Coach Mike McCarthy has undergone emergency surgery.

As is the case with every other National Football League club, the Dallas Cowboys are forced to cope with the ups and downs of injuries, surgeries, and rehabilitations, as well as doubts regarding their availability. However, this is a different kind of anxiety.

The surgery that is going to be performed on Coach Mike McCarthy to treat his acute appendicitis is slated to take place on Wednesday. 

The hospital is anticipating that he will be in and out of the facility today.As the Philadelphia Eagles, who are currently ranked 10-2, go to Dallas to take on the Dallas Cowboys,

who are currently ranked 9-3, what will happen to "Sunday Night Football"? It has been decided that McCarthy will be coaching in that game.

What will take on today at the practice that is being held inside The Star? McCarthy's absence will be filled by the Dallas coordinators Dan Quinn, 

Brian Schottenheimer, and John Fassel, who will take over the responsibility of supervising practice.

Regarding the media obligations, the Wednesday plan and the Thursday plan will have Quinn 

and Schottenheimer taking turns at the podium here at The Star. Both of these plans will be implemented on Wednesday.

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