Check out the photographs from singer Phem's opulent wedding to "Teen Wolf" actor Tyler Posey in Malibu! (Exclusive)

Avril Lavigne and Bella Thorne attended the couple's private wedding ceremony in Malibu on Saturday where they exchanged vows.Phem, a singer, and Tyler Posey are wed officially!

The Teen Wolf actress, 31, and Phem exchanged vows on Saturday, October 14, in a Malibu meditation facility. 

The ceremony was followed by a celebration in the Ocean Room at Duke's Malibu.

The pair told PEOPLE that they only wanted the "people we love" to attend, including "family and friends from all walks of life we feel safe and comfortable around." 

So they kept the event—which was arranged by Frankie & Louise—small, with 65 people at the ceremony and 135 at the reception.

"We adore tranquility and the water. When asked about their wedding location, Posey adds, "We've always felt Malibu is extremely soothing.

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Posey and Phem exchanged traditional and handwritten vows at the wedding, which was officiated by an Italian monk and attended by Bella Thorne and Avril Lavigne.

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