Best Pilates exercises to prepare for pregnancy

When attempting to conceive, preparing your body for the physical toll of pregnancy can be beneficial. Hollie Grant, a leading pre- and postnatal

fitness specialist, outlines five Pilates exercises that provide support and assist to prepare the body for pregnancy...

Are you considering or attempting to start a family? If you want to have a baby soon, it's a good idea to first prepare

 your body for the physical demands of pregnancy - these strengthening Pilates exercises could assist.

Continue reading for complete instructions and to learn more about the benefits of each Pilates practice for pregnancy preparation.

The developing uterus might pull the pelvis forward at the front during pregnancy, causing us to slouch backwards. 

This is an excellent exercise for teaching core activation, which helps to stabilize the spine and decreases the leaning back effect.

Begin by standing and reaching your arms up overhead as you breath. Hold them in place for a moment.

Maintain neutral (do not lean back), then exhale and lower your arms back to your sides. Repeat the technique by reaching up.

This workout targets the hamstrings and glutes, which can become weak after prolonged sitting. These muscles will support the pelvis as the uterus expands during pregnancy.

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