Another staggering collection of Jalen Hurts stats that you won't believe in Roob's Eagles Stats

Jalen Hurts is our first choice for this week's Roob's Eagles Stats because he is a human stat machine.

He takes on tasks that no one else can. He takes on tasks that no one else would ever consider. He is a special player who performs special things on the field.

Hurts is now 31-12 for his career, and only seven quarterbacks in NFL history had more wins in their first 43 starts 

Hurts had a 1-3 record as a rookie and a 2-5 record to start his second season.

 Jalen Hurts has at least a 73 percent completion percentage, two or more touchdown throws, and 200 yards in three consecutive games. 

In NFL history, he is just the eighth quarterback to accomplish it. 

The others are Kurt Warner, Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees twice apiece, and Peyton Manning five times. 

Hurts is the only quarterback in Eagles history to have at least 73 percent in three consecutive games. 

Hurts' 75 percent accuracy over the past three weeks is the second-highest three-game average by an Eagles quarterback ever. 

Nick Foles had a 77% completion percentage against the Rams, Texans, and Washington in 2018.

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