Analysis: Jackson claims that because the NFL is a poor teacher, he hasn't learned his lesson from illegal hits.

 Denver Broncos put safety on hold After losing almost $1 million of his pay due to a string of illegal hits that resulted in two ejections

numerous fines, and six weeks of missed pay, Kareem Jackson has obviously not learned his lesson.

According to Jackson, this is because the NFL isn't a very effective teacher.

The 14-year veteran claims the NFL is picking on him specifically and that they don't have any answers for how he can modify his aggressive style of play to fit the modern game

Following his second suspension, Jackson was given the opportunity to speak with Commissioner Roger Goodell, but things didn't turn out quite as he had intended.

Therefore, I'm not really sure how I make plays, protect them, and protect myself. 

But I was informed that. Furthermore, I'm not really sure how I should play this game going forward. 

I'm hoping that I can solve it.""I'm going to go out and play the game like I have since 2010," Jackson continued at the end of the day.That should concern Broncos supporters and coach Sean Payton.

When he hit Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs in Week 11, he got his second suspension for the first tackle he made after serving his first one.

"I think one way for me to avoid more trouble is to lower my target (zone) even more than I have," Jackson remarked. 

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