Al Michaels Couldn't Stop Talking About The Over In The Steelers-Patriots Game

For as long as he has been broadcasting games, Al Michaels has never been bashful about making references to gambling.

Therefore, it should not have come as a surprise to hear the famed play-by-play announcer make a sneaky reference to the "over" hitting that occurred during the first half of tonight's Patriots-Steelers game that was broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

In the aftermath of Pittsburgh's touchdown throw, which brought New England's advantage down to 21-10, Michaels and his partner Kirk Herbstreit engaged in a humorous conversation.

We received a response from them. A statement made by Herbstreit on the Steelers was that "they needed the points and they got 'em."

"And if you liked the over, they've also answered the call," Michaels said. "And if you liked the over, "Played very well. 

The over was set at 30 points, which is the lowest anticipated total in over 30 years. Anyone who have placed a wager on the over must be pleasantly delighted by this result.

Being able to surpass that in the first half is a significant surprise. With Bailey Zappe lighting up the Steelers with 14-of-21 passing for 196 yards and three touchdowns,

the Patriots have seemingly developed a semblance of an offense out of nowhere. This is evidenced by the fact that the Patriots have been doing so.

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