A greater game atmosphere is necessary for the NBA Cup to be a long-lasting success.

The NBA's first in-season tournament faced skepticism due to its format, name, and potential lack of interest. 

Despite initial doubts, the tournament received positive feedback, with LeBron James leading the Lakers to victory. 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged challenges and hinted at potential changes for future tournaments. 

Key players, including Durant and Curry, showed increased interest and intensity in tournament games. 

The tournament's novelty contributed to more competitive early-season games, with increased TV ratings and social media engagement. 

However, the atmosphere at the Las Vegas games was criticized, with logistical issues impacting fan attendance and excitement. 

Suggestions for improvement include adjusting the tournament schedule, incentivizing fan attendance, and reconsidering the host city. 

The league should address concerns about the tournament's stakes and rewards to ensure continued player and fan engagement. 

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