3 Zodiac Signs Learn Not To Trust Easily On November 8, 2023

November has many great things about it, one of which is that, by now, we've had our asses kicked and we've taken all the lessons we can from previous sessions.

 This basically means that by the time the end of the year arrives, we are reviewing the events of the previous year that have occurred with us.

We are still learning about trust and naïveté—how on earth is that still happening? But now here we are, learning that despite all those lessons learned, 

we still can't just put our trust in anyone. Sure, everyone agrees that trust needs to be gained, but how does it start? For us, what makes that "earned" component real? 

 On November 8, 2023, this is the day we shall ask ourselves these questions. We will act in this manner due to the Moon's sextile to Mars.

lunar sextile Three signs of the zodiac feel that Mars is on the defensive. Justly so; this isn't an act of paranoia. This is a clear and unequivocal exhortation to defend oneself

 We have allowed trust to rule our lives, and it has tricked us. We now understand today that trust is a difficult thing to provide. We said it there.

Since you are someone who genuinely enjoys having complete control over others, you do not want to believe that you are also someone who is highly hesitant to commit or even to trust others.

You believe that you have seen far too many examples of how this can go wrong in your life. Furthermore, you may feel as like you can't trust anyone as of November 8, 2023. 

You realize that perhaps "trust" isn't your thing during today's transit of the Moon sextile Mars because you've entered into the trust game far too often. Clearly.

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