3 Zodiac Signs Can Switch Their Feelings Off On November 8, 2023

The end of the year brings with it something unique. Whether we asked for it or not, it seems like we are beginning to understand the events in our life

that have brought us to this point. Things begin to make sense, and this is accelerated when a transit occurs in our night sky, like Venus in Libra

On November 8, 2023, we will have this chance to grow and get better. Today, as many of us may discover, we 'haven't got time for the pain,' 

 as Carly Simon once sang in one of her songs. This is a really significant statement because it recognizes that pain requires time 

and effort to support. It also says that on November 8, 2023, we will be able to identify the specific things that hurt us and the things that we may refuse.

Three signs will pick up a unique skill: the ability to refuse. On this day, they can turn off their emotions because Venus is in Libra, which means 

 we are connected to both love and balance. Whether we choose to view it that way or not, this day will demonstrate that not everything

in our lives is worth going through hardship for. That refers to love—either the love we had or have lost.

 We turn off our emotions because it is pointless to allow them to exist. This is the state of enlightenment.

You never meant to turn off your emotions, much less anticipate the day when you'll be able to do so on demand, but you've grown to understand that having this power is invaluable.

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