NFL Rumors: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs HC Andy Reid could be sanctioned after unleashing fiery rant against NFL refs

As a result of the comments that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid made on Sunday regarding the officials, the National Football League may decide to discipline them. On Sunday, the Chiefs were defeated by the Buffalo Bills by a score of 20-17; but, the game was not without its share of controversy.

Kansas City started making their way down the field almost immediately after Buffalo took the lead with less than two minutes remaining in the game. Mahomes tossed a dart to Travis Kelce, who laterally threw the ball to Kadarius Toney, who ran into the endzone on a second-and-ten play from the Bills’ 49-yard line. Mahomes then threw another dart to Travis Kelce.

On the other hand, the play was called back because Toney was lining up offside, and Kansas City ended up losing the game because they turned the ball over on down.

In the aftermath of the defeat, Mahomes became enraged on the field, lost his cool, and abruptly confronted a referee over the call that had been made.Mahomes stated, “I’ve played for seven years, and an offensive offside call has never been called against me.” The things that we are discussing are those that are from elementary school. Throughout the entirety of the game, there was not a single warning. Is it true that you wait until there is only one minute remaining in the game before you make a decision like that?

NFL Rumors: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs HC Andy Reid could be sanctioned after unleashing fiery rant against NFL refs

It is difficult. At a loss for words. It is not easy. Regardless of whether we come out on top or not, it is merely the conclusion of another game, and we are discussing the referees. Simply said, this is not what we want for the National Football League or for football in general.
The National Football League (NFL) was embarrassed by that call, according to Andy Reid, who also took aim at the referees.

“Very disappointed that it ended the way it did,” according to Reid. Normally, I will receive a warning before something like that occurs in a major game. I never use any of these as excuses, but normally, I will receive a warning before something like that occurs. When something like that happens in the National Football League, it is an extremely embarrassing situation…”In all the years that I’ve been a part of the league, I haven’t had one that was quite like that. Consequently, not in that particular location, at least not in that kind of situation there where it is not given a heads up to.”Now, after both Mahomes and Reid have voiced their disapproval of the officials, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport has discovered that they may be subject to disciplinary action.It is a distinct potential that the National Football League may impose some kind of sanction on either Mahomes or Reid for their criticism of the referees, although it is not clear that this will happen.

Against the Chiefs, the referees double down on the offside call.
After the game, referee Carl Ceffers reaffirmed that the call was right, despite the fact that Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid were upset with it. He said, “In the end, they are responsible for wherever they line up.” There is no need to provide a warning, particularly if they are positioned so far offsides that they are literally obstructing our vision of the ball. In the event that it was even remotely near, we would issue a warning to them; but, this specific one is past the point of warning.
Because to the officials’ decision to call Toney offside, the Chiefs ended up losing to the Bills by a score of 20-17. Kansas City’s record for the season is at 8-5, and they have now lost two consecutive games as a result of this setback. Despite the fact that the Chiefs need to put this matter in the past as soon as possible, it may be easier to say than to accomplish.

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