NBA mock draft 2024: Surprise pick now #1 pick, new home for Bronny James

The star power of an NBA draft class’s top picks and the depth of starting-caliber players below them are often used to measure the strength of a draft class in the NBA. From the very beginning of the process, the 2024 NBA Draft has been regarded as one of the poorest classes in recent history. This feeling has persisted throughout the entire process.NBA mock draft 2024: Bronny James headlines class in open race for No. 1  pick -

In spite of the fact that college basketball, the G League, and international competition are all still in progress, it appears that the beginning of this cycle has still provided more questions than answers on both fronts.

Which player will be selected first in the draft that will take place in 2024? It is still fully accessible. Isaiah Collier, a point guard for the University of Southern California, Alex Sarr, a big man for the Perth Wildcats, and Ron Holland and Matas Buzelis, both players for the G League Ignite, look to be the front-runners in mainstream conversations at the momen.

2024 NBA Mock Draft: Bronny James is outside lottery

. At the beginning of this season, there have been a few players who have the potential to become exceptional players. These players include the Serbian guard Nikola Topic, the Baylor wing Ja’Kobe Walter, and the Kentucky freshmen guards Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham.

Despite the fact that the top of the class is still a mystery, it appears that there is not much of a gap between players who are expected to go just outside of the top 10 and those who are now considered to be late first or early second rounders.

As a result of the significant amount of variation that exists within the 2024 draft class, evaluators are going to have very diverse perspectives on how it is structured, based on the scouting philosophy that they adhere to.

It is time for an update, which will feature a new player who has risen to the top of the rankings and who was not even included in our initial estimate last summer. Rather than focusing on fit, this mock is more concerned with player rankings. Additional analysis will follow the table.

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