LeBron James’ disregard for the national anthem provokes outrage.

LeBron James is being criticized online for disregarding the national anthem.

LeBron James

The Lakers star saw his son Bronny play in his first college game after his heart episode in the summer. Bronny fell at practice in July and was diagnosed with a congenital heart abnormality.

James often watches his kids play. Last season, Bronny committed to USC, while James’ middle child, Bryce, plays for Sierra Canyon School, Bronny’s alma mater. James watches his daughter Zhuri play volleyball. He’s being criticized for entering the Galen Center on Tuesday to watch Bronny play.

James entered the arena as The Star-Spangled Banner played and sat in his chair without removing his hat, as shown in a viral video. He stands near the end of the video.

Luca Evans, an Orange County Register reporter, shared the film on X. Collin Rugg posted it on his Twitter and added: “LeBron James enters the basketball arena and sits throughout the National Anthem.

“No regard for the country that gave him basketball stardom. Lack of respect for the country that made him rich. He has no respect for the soldiers who protect our nation so he can live. Shameful.”

X user @EndWokeness captioned the video: “LeBron completely ignores the National Anthem and sits down.”Many commented on this post, criticizing the player.

“I’m almost in disbelief….WTF,” commented another individual.

A third person chimed in and said, “He is a total scumbag.”

Someone else inquired, “What was he thinking?” as a fourth person.

Despite this, Evans has responded to the criticism by stating that there is a rationale for James’s decision to join the arena at this particular time.

“As the reporter who took this video, this is gross and completely mischaracterizes the situation,” he wrote in response to X.

At the time that Bronny was attending Sierra Canyon, LeBron has been doing this for YEARS. In order to avoid causing a significant amount of commotion, now is the most optimal time for him to enter. Put a stop to it.”

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A discussion broke out in the comment section of Evans’ post, with some people expressing that they did not care that James did not stand, while others argued that he ought to have entered the arena at a different place and time.According to the words of one individual, “God, it’s the anthem who actually cares.”

I, too, was present at the game. They are making an effort to give the impression that he did not stand. Someone else remarked that after the event, he stood and cheered.

There is an infinite number of different opportunities to enter the stadium without making a significant amount of commotion. There is a person on X who disagreed with Evans’ point of view and remarked, “You stop it.”

Additionally, you can hear all of the mumbling that goes along with his entrance, as stated by another individual. If the national anthem is over, why not come in as soon as it is over? During the quiet before the game begins, when he wouldn’t be disturbing anything, that would be the ideal situation.

Wednesday, Newsweek reached out to Evans on social media in an effort to obtain a reaction from him.

James referred to the “proud moment” that he experienced as he witnessed Bronny triumph over the challenges that he had faced over the past several months on November 30. This was despite the fact that it was uncertain whether or not Bronny would play basketball again.”You just put it in God’s hands, man, and just trust it,” James stated during the press conference. She was referring to the situation. It’s over with. We as a family prayed together. We were fortunate to have wonderful physicians during the entire process, and they assured us that they had faith that things would turn out for us in a positive way. Additionally, [Bronny] took care of his business well.

Everything was done by him. Not a single obstacle stood in his way. The process of his rehabilitation was not hurried by him in any way. Every action he made was in accordance with the plan, and the fact that he was able to obtain that clearance in the past 48 hours was a major accomplishment for him, as James explained.

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