Cowboys Join Contenders in NFL Power Rankings Following Statement Win Over Eagles

After a statement victory over the Eagles, the Cowboys have joined the contenders in the NFL Power Rankings.
Thank you for visiting the Power Rankings. Without a doubt, Kadarius Toney was at an offsides position. On the other hand, despite the fact that I do not believe that error is an indictment of Toney as a human being (so please leave the guy alone), I do believe that it is kind of ludicrous that we argue about something that is so insignificant. The fact that your player is going to be penalized for offsides if he is so far offsides that he is physically obstructing the back side official from seeing where the ball is placed is something that a good fan base should be willing to tolerate.
Providing that the official has completed all of their other pre-snap responsibilities, such as ensuring that there are only 11 players on the field (try counting that quickly on the ground at Arrowhead during a close-game situation), I believe that an official should assist a receiver if the receiver is straddling a centimeter in the wrong direction. However, this pre-snap responsibilities must be completed before the official can assist the receiver. When did an official notice that Toney was arranged in the manner that he was? Compared to everything else, that was perhaps the most distracting thing. This individual is going to, without a doubt, come back at some point, isn’t that right? The situation is comparable to a clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles observing someone who is loitering in front of the yellow tape that says “stand here.” That is done by who?
However, I would ask that you not allow that to prevent the Chiefs from attempting additional laterals.

1. San Francisco 49ers (10–3),

I have found that the not-so-subtle cockiness of the 49ers has been one of the aspects of this run that I have loved. A remark made on Sunday in this regard: After taking the quarterback to the ground, Nick Bosa instantly jumped up to determine whether or not it would be considered a sack. He then proceeded to constantly harass his coaches on the sidelines to verify if it was a sack. It was then that Kyle Shanahan made the decision to explicitly call the end around touchdown for Deebo Samuel. This came after a lengthy gain by Samuel had put the 49ers in a position where they were short on yardage. And none of us are able to stop it!

2.  the Baltimore Ravens (10–3)

Another instance of the Ravens being compelled to remove every gadget from the Swiss army knife was one that occurred in this particular occurrence. After going through that process, I believe that we have arrived at the conclusion that, with the exception of the Eagles and the 49ers, this is the most talented club in the National Football League. The fact that the backup tight end, Isaiah Likely, was a beast in addition to the fact that the reserve punt returner, Tylan Wallace, won the game in overtime is not the only thing that is noteworthy. This game provided us with a little bit of everything, including both classic and contemporary Lamar. I believe that Justin Madubuike is going to have a tremendous amount of success in the playoffs, and he just had another incredible game.

3. the Philadelphia Eagles (10–3)

Even though Dallas’ victory on Sunday night was conclusive, I still find myself favoring the Eagles for a brief while. This is despite the fact that the Cowboys won the game completely. There is a distinct impression that Jalen Hurts is not seeing the field as much as he did the previous year, but I am unable to completely pinpoint the reason for this. However, even if this is the worst instance of Philadelphia’s performance, they are still an extremely dangerous squad. When the Eagles went through a similar period of attrition the previous season, practically everyone at the Super Bowl attributed the two-game losing streak before and after Christmas to a lengthy playoff run. This was the case even though the Eagles had been in the playoffs for a long time.

Cowboys Join Contenders in NFL Power Rankings Following Statement Win Over Eagles

 4: The Dallas Cowboys (10–3)

The NFL season is comprised of a series of runs. Players have weeks in which they feel terrific and weeks in which they do not feel great. There are weeks in which they feel driven to slam their bodies against concrete, and there are weeks in which they do not! We witnessed the Cowboys at their high point on Sunday. This has always been the issue that has been asked, and it will continue to be asked, whether we will be able to achieve this in the playoffs against either Philadelphia or San Francisco, two teams that have a somewhat deeper collection of personnel.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (8–5)

The Chiefs still had three plays to get 15 yards at the end of the day. What happened after Toney’s offsides penalty? Patrick Mahomes was nearly sacked as the pocket collapsed around him and somehow Madden-glitched the football out for an incompletion. Then Mahomes had a ball batted down (on a play that, in fairness to the Chiefs, featured Von Miller jumping offsides, though it would not have had an effect on Ed Oliver making a great play). Then, Mahomes barely got the ball away and lobbed a pass to nowhere. I think there is probably a situation where this could have been attacked with a little more composition, though the frustration with the officiating crew was obviously palpable.

6. The Detroit Lions, who have a record of 9–4

An argument could be made that the Lions have been under a substantial amount of pressure ever since they had their bye week in Week 9, and that their margin of victory has been quite narrow as of late. After a narrow victory over the lowly Chargers and a comeback victory over the Bears, Detroit suffered a defeat at the hands of the Packers and came dangerously close to crumbling against the Saints. From a personal standpoint, I believe that this loss for the Bears is a holdover from a few weeks ago. Matt Eberflus, the head coach of the Bears, is capable of calling a successful game and has the personnel to compete decently against what the Lions do well (despite the fact that both of Detroit’s main backs were able to run the ball for more than six yards in this episode). The Broncos game is taking place at an extremely interesting time. It is inevitable that the Lions will be surrounded if they continue to sleepwalk.

7.  the Miami Dolphins (9–4)

A sad defeat for a great number of reasons. Despite being two touchdown favorites, the Dolphins were defeated on Monday. Tyreek Hill was not in a state of health that allowed him to participate in the final drive of the game. Even after committing three turnovers, the Dolphins were still unable to prevail. Obviously, the most important thing to take away from this is Hill’s health in the long run. The further away he is from being at 100 percent, the further away Miami’s offense is from being the ball of knives that swept through the National Football League during the first half of the season. I am not the only one who thinks this. In any case, the Dolphins are in for a challenging journey ahead of them.

8. Cleveland Browns, who have a record of 8–5

During this week’s episode, I presented the Browns management with an opportunity to welcome me back into the fold as a supporter. I suggested that they either sell or release Deshaun Watson and sign Joe Flacco to the contract that Watson was under. Again, I am here. We also talked about what would happen if Joe Flacco continues to play lights-out ball for another six weeks and leads this club into the playoffs. This was another topic that was covered on the podcast. It goes without saying that you continue to play Watson while he is healthy, but we all witnessed how weirdly convoluted the relationship in Philadelphia was after Nick Foles and Carson Wentz were no longer together.

Cowboys Join Contenders in NFL Power Rankings Following Statement Win Over Eagles

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (8–5)

In addition to having Trevor Lawrence on a bum wheel, the Jaguars were also battling with turnovers and attrition on the offensive line. In addition, they were unable to capitalize on their opportunities. In spite of the fact that Jacksonville fought hard against Cleveland, it is quite evident that the Jaguars are not yet the conference upstarts that we had anticipated they would be, particularly in their current situation, which is less than ideal.

10. Buffalo Bills (7–6)

The fact that Buffalo played a decent game against one of the better opponents they will face all year could have been overlooked in the chaos that was caused by the offsides call on Toney. They achieved this at a time when Sean McDermott was in desperate need of a victory, particularly against Andy Reid, a coach who has appeared to prove to be a source of frustration for him in crucial situations. I do not know what an end-of-season run would mean to me; I continue to believe that a significant portion of Buffalo’s entire setup needs to be redesigned if they want to get the most out of Josh Allen; however, I do believe that it demonstrates that McDermott still has some sort of control over the locker room. It’s not a trivial matter.

11. the Denver Broncos (7–6)

At this point, what else is there for us to say? As a result of what I considered to be the fulfillment of my preseason prophecy, which stated that the Broncos were going to be horrible and that Sean Payton was going to have egg on his face after trashing the previous regime, I was immensely happy. They have won six of their previous seven games, and with the exception of the Lions this week, they do not have another winning team coming up (including another game against the Chargers, who are currently in last place).

12. Cincinnati Bengals (7–6),

The first two starts that Jake Browning has made have both resulted in him being one of the seven highest passers in terms of total yards for the week and one of the quickest releases in the National Football League. With this complementary roster, I believe that we can once again begin to imagine some type of playoff berth. This is due to the fact that Browning is not a player who is prone to making mistakes. He makes firm decisions and plays quickly. Additionally, in each of the Bengals’ most recent two games, he has managed to achieve a completion % that is higher than what was anticipated.

13. the Pittsburgh Steelers (7–6)

After the Patriots game, Mike Tomlin made a curt statement in which he implied that he did not make any considerations for moving on from Mitch Trubisky. This past week, he reaffirmed his position on that allegation. The Steelers’ lack of all-out supermarket sweep desperation in finding a firmer presence behind Kenny Pickett is irritating. I like how the Steelers have conducted business on most fronts, but I find it frustrating that they have not done so. This squad is capable of knocking out the majority of the competition in the conference, and they have a quarterback who is performing at a level that is barely above that of a replacement.

14. the Indianapolis Colts (7–6)

It was a disheartening loss for the Colts, who are currently in seventh place in the American Football Conference. On the other hand, I do not know of any apparent losses that are still on the team’s schedule. I am also able to be persuaded that the Colts will emerge victorious in the division, passing the Jaguars in the process. There are a lot of enjoyable times to come in Indianapolis. In point of fact, I believe that you will be easily persuaded into agreeing with me after we see what transpires between the Jaguars and the Ravens this coming Saturday.

A few weeks ago, I wrote that Matt Eberflus shouldn’t be back for the 2024 Bears. I still think he’d be a tough sell for me, especially if, say, Ben Johnson wanted the job. But minus the Bears scoring the hottest candidate on the market, I do think there is merit in allowing Eberflus one more crack at this. Yes, he’s made some in-game errors. Critical ones. But despite an absolute whirlwind of a season, the team is playing pretty well right now. Also, Luke Getsy is fun again. We go through spurts with Bears offensive playcallers. At one point, Matt Nagy was mind-blowing. Then … he wasn’t. Getsy had to slog through a few weeks without Fields and some other complicated circumstances. Now, he can run those DJ Moore fake throwback sweep plays all the time! Getsy forever.

Tommy DeVito and Saquon Barkley combined for 157 rushing yards in Monday’s win over the Dolphins. Vincent Carchietta/USA TODAY Sports

Tommy DeVito and Saquon Barkley combined for 157 rushing yards in Monday’s win over the Dolphins. Vincent
What a fun night in New Jersey, huh? What a throw by DeVito to Wan’Dale Robinson to set up the game-winning field goal. DeVito is now just the third undrafted rookie quarterback ever to win at least three of his first four starts. Despite a dagger of a fumble from Saquon Barkley, the Giants—and that Martindale defense—never wavered. How about the way they were slapping footballs out of receivers’ hands in the end zone late in the game? This is a team that doesn’t let up.

Full thoughts on Zach Wilson here. If anything else, the fact that the Jets still have eyes on the fringe chances of meaningful postseason football (almost assuredly without Aaron Rodgers if it actually happens) is a credit to how the team has weathered so many potential storms. This is a well-constructed rosterDo I think Wilson has a quarterback rating over 100 in each of the remaining four games? I do not. Do I think he can still be a good quarterback? I do. Sometimes potential does not materialize on your timeline. Would it be the absolute treat of the season to see it all click for a kid who has been through so much? No doubt.

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