Bruins Clear Zboril ; McAvoy, Zacha To IR

Things did not get any better for the Boston Bruins on Thursday, following their defeat to the New Jersey Devils by a score of 2-1 in overtime as they had done on Wednesday night.

In the afternoon on Thursday, the organization made the announcement that they had placed center Pavel Zacha and defenseman Charlie McAvoy on injured reserve due to their individual injuries.

Additionally, the Boston Bruins have announced that they have reinstated defenseman Parker Witherspoon and forward Patrick Brown from the Providence Bruins.


Both of these players were brought back on an emergency basis.

Following the Bruins’ decision to release the 13th overall pick from the 2015 draft on Wednesday, defenseman Jakub Zboril was able to clear waivers on Thursday.

Over the course of the past week, both McAvoy and Zacha sustained injuries to their upper bodies.

In the Bruins’ 3-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres on December 7, McAvoy departed the game early in the third period.

Since then, he has not participated in either of the team’s most recent two games.

The following game, which took place on December 9, was a victory for the Boston Bruins over the Arizona Coyotes by a score of 5-3. Pavel Zacha departed the game after the first period and has not skated since.

It appears that whatever is bothering the Bruins’ top defenseman is not going away, as McAvoy skated before to practice on both Monday and Tuesday. As a result, the management has chosen to shelf him.

Neither McAvoy nor Zacha will be able to return to the lineup for at least seven days at this point.

Because of this, both players will be absent from at least three of the upcoming games for the squad.

Following their game against the islanders on Friday night, the Boston Bruins will travel to Long Island to play the islanders.

After that, they will come home to meet the New York Rangers on Saturday night and the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday night.


In 21 games, McAvoy, who is six feet one inch tall and weighs 209 pounds, has three goals and 14 assists.

During his first 26 games as a full-time center for the Boston Bruins, Zacha, who stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 207 pounds, has scored eight goals and assisted on eleven more.

In the absence of Charlie McAvoy from the Boston Bruins’ lineup in their recent games, the team has turned to Ian Mitchell to step up and fill the void on the blue line.

Mitchell, a promising defenseman, has been thrust into various pairings across the defensive lines, showcasing his adaptability and versatility within the team’s structure.

This sudden shift in responsibilities for Mitchell reflects both the trust the coaching staff has in his abilities and the team’s depth in defensive talent.

Known for his solid defensive play and puck-moving skills, Mitchell’s insertion into the lineup has allowed the Bruins to maintain stability on the blue line despite McAvoy’s absence.

His ability to seamlessly slot into different pairings speaks volumes about his understanding of the game and his capability to adjust to varying playing styles and defensive partners.

While Mitchell’s role has been crucial in shoring up the defense, the offensive side of the team hasn’t been without adjustments either.


Morgan Geekie, typically a center, has taken advantage of Pavel Zacha’s absence to step into a substitute role and claim valuable minutes as a top-six center for the Bruins.

This transition has presented Geekie with a significant opportunity to showcase his skill set and contribute offensively to the team’s success.

Geekie’s adaptability and willingness to step up into a more prominent role have not gone unnoticed.

His ability to handle increased responsibilities in the absence of key players like Zacha demonstrates the depth and flexibility present within the Bruins’ roster.

His performances in the top-six center role have not only provided valuable contributions on the scoresheet but have also solidified his place as a reliable option for the team moving forward.

For Mitchell and Geekie, these moments of increased playing time due to the absence of established players like McAvoy and Zacha have served as a platform to prove their readiness to contribute at crucial junctures.

Their performances have not only aided the team in maintaining stability but have also highlighted the depth and adaptability inherent in the Bruins’ lineup.

As McAvoy and Zacha work towards their return to the lineup, the valuable experience gained by Mitchell and Geekie during this period will likely add more depth and options for the team’s coaching staff.

Their ability to step up and perform in times of need further strengthens the team’s overall resilience and reinforces the “next man up” mentality embraced by successful teams in the NHL.

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