With construction of our new school buildings, the already limited parking situation on game nights will become even more limited for the next two seasons. In an effort to make game nights as enjoyable as possible to our fans, we have the following suggestions:

ARRIVE EARLY: The gates open at 5:30 and the easiest way to avoid the traffic and the search for parking is to come before the rush that normally occurs in the 45 minutes before kickoff.

USE THE SHUTTLE: A FREE shuttle will be available from the Hartville Hardware to the stadium beginning at 5:45. The two shuttles will run continuously and will drop off at the stadium near the main ticket booth. Return service will begin at the end of the third quarter. We would encourage as many fans as possible to use this option.

NORTH LOT: Parking for football games is still available in the lot north of the stadium. There are several handicapped spots there, and they are first come-first serve.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: There are parking spaces around the middle school just north of the stadium and on the west side of Market avenue. You will be able to cross Market near the library at the direction of the police officers on site.

KING CHURCH AVENUE LOT: If you park in the west lot of the school off of King Church Ave. the sidewalks are completed around the south side of the new addition to the tunnel under Market.

Thank you for your patience and support as we adjust to changing available spaces due to school construction, and consider using our convenient bus shuttle!

-Lake Athletic Office